Academics at St. Mary School

St. Mary School students are met each day by highly educated and trained teachers who are dedicated to their vocation in the Catholic school system.

St.Mary School


St. Mary School has been a cornerstone in the German Village community for nearly 160 years. Our unique blend of traditional Catholic education and focus on 21st Century learning offers our students and their families the perfect opportunity for growth, both academically and spiritually. The diverse community of St. Mary School welcomes students from across central Ohio. Our Campus includes four educational buildings and the St. Mary Mother of God Church. Visit us and see what the future of St. Mary holds for your child.

The Preschool

St. Mary Preschool is a fun and educational play-based learning program. Our teachers make each and every day a safe, warm and fun learning environment for our littlest students. We pride ourselves on a full day program with extended child care to address the foundational education needs of our children and offer our parents a nurturing setting  for their children all day.

The Lower School

The Specht Center, the original school and worship center for the St. Mary Catholic community, houses the classrooms for these young students. Our curriculum is based on the Ohio State Standards and written by the Diocese of Columbus. The fundamentals of phonics based reading instruction and early math literacy are the basis of our curriculum. Science and Social Studies are taught through  hands-on activities. All of our teachers have extensive reading and writing training. Based on the teachings of Christ, all are welcomed and embraced at their specific level of instruction.

The Middle School

The main building of our campus is home to the middle grades, Second through Fifth grade. Following the curriculum of the Diocese of Columbus, our teachers believe every child has the ability to learn in a special and safe atmosphere. We embrace the  special qualities of each child to advance them in their academic career in a challenging and inclusive environment. Pairing moral and academic achievement is at the heart of our faith and all we do. This building will undergo a major renovation beginning in the spring of 2022. A 250 seat dining hall and 10,000 square feet of additional classroom and educational space, and a new playground will be completed in January of 2024.

The Upper School

The Upper School building at the corner of Sycamore and Third Streets is home to our oldest students. This beautiful building is once again a vibrant school. Our newly renovated classrooms house state-of-the-art amenities and a new STEM/Science lab and student lounge. Our middle school students are challenged by our team of veteran teachers. Each is called and encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability and grow morally in today’s culture.